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"Use Your Computer as a Powerful Rife Machine, With Features No Other Rife Machines Have - Like Pain Relief and More - All for Less Than $100!" 

Rife Pro X2 is a powerful Rife Machine that has features no other Rife Machines have. It can quickly deal with hundreds of health problems, like Lyme Disease and Cancer.

Rife Pro X2 is EASY for anyone to use. It's a computer program and does not require complicated script programming, as with other Rife Machines. Everything you need is in one single program.

All you need are speakers or headphones - no external electrodes or electronic devices are necessary

Rife Pro X2 is more than a Rife Machine. It has a TBSW system for pain relief, insomnia, stress relief, weight loss and more.

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    Rife Pro X2

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    TBSW Lite

About Dr. Royal Rife and the Rife Machine

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife is referred to as "The Man Who Cured Cancer". He found that certain frequencies destroyed cancer cells, viruses, parasites and bacteria. He did this with a frequency generating device that became known as a Rife Machine.

Dr. Rife cured over thirty, "Stage 4" cancer patients who were considered "beyond help" with his Rife Machine. He used the same machine to eliminate many other diseases.

How It Works :

You've probably heard about or seen an opera singer shattering a wine glass by singing a note. The note the singer sustains, is the resonant frequency of the wine glass. This sustained sound wave (note) causes the glass to shatter.

Scientists like Tesla and Dr. Rife, have proven that everything that exists has a resonant frequency of it's own. For instance, the carcinoma cancer cell has a resonant frequency of 2128 Hz. When a cell is resonated at it's resonant frequency, the cell is destroyed.

Cancer, parasites, viruses, bacteria and other organisms all have their own resonant frequencies. The frequencies that destroy these organisms are called Rife Frequencies. See the video below of Rife frequencies destroying paramecium.

Rife Pro X2

Rife Pro X2 has 704 Fast Presets for almost any health problem that you may encounter. It can run 20 frequencies at the same time in Single or Multi-Frequency modes.  

Why Sound?

A old style Rife Machine comes with two hand-held metal cylinders that you hold in each hand. With Rife Pro X2, you'll use your computer speakers or headphones to transfer the Rife Frequencies to your body. That's ALL you need. Why?

Sound is natural and our bodies respond to it better than electricity and electrodes. Sound is 5 times more efficient in water than in air. We are made up primarily of water. Sound is also heart safe and pet safe!

Using Headphones for Carpal Tunel

Using Headphones for Carpal Tunnel

Included in Rife Pro X2

  • Sine, Triangle or Square Waves (harmonic waves)
  • Modulation to enhace effectiveness of speakers and headphones.
  • Automatic timers
  • Save an unlimited number of your own presets and settings.
  • Visible Frequency Spectrum Analyzers so you can see what's happening.
  • Export to wav file for making CDs
  • Manual Mode to enter any frequencies you like

Structure water and oils with frequencies to make your own powerful remedies that you can drink or apply as a rub for pain relief and other problems. This is based on the scientific research of Dr. Masaru Emoto. The images below are of water before and after structuring. Rife Pro X2 has a special algorithm to make this possible.

Water Before Structuring

Water before structuring

Water After Structuring

Water after structuring

TBSW Lite in Rife Pro X2

TBSW stands for Trilateral Balanced Sine Waves. This new generation of healing, has become the powerful alternative to binaural beats. It uses, Theta, Beta, Delta and Alpha waves for pain relief, insomnia, stress relief, weight loss and much more.

TBSW Basics :

You've probably known or heard of someone having a car accident and not feeling a thing, even though they might have been pretty banged up. This is because the brain releases powerful pain relieving endorphins into the body during a trauma.

TBSW waves allow you to safely control these endorphins to get rid of pain naturally, by using special frequencies and waveforms. All you need to do is put headphones on your ears and run the frequencies.

There are 15 pre-programmed TBSW Presets in Rife Pro X2. To run the presets, simply set the preset kind, background sound, time and click the Start button. 

  • Quickly get natural, safe, powerful pain relief - without side effects or addictions.
  • Deal with headaches and migraines within minutes.
  • Use it for insomnia, stress relief
  • Record WAV files for making CDs
  • Select soothing background sounds for your TBSW sessions.
  • Automatic timers and displays.

The graph above shows a typical pain relief session using TBSW with headphones and the "Muscle and Joint" Pain Preset. 

Now, you can join the thousands of people who have discovered the power of Rife Technology.

You save a lot of money, because you already own the hardware - your computer. It's easy for anyone to use.

Rife Pro X2 is only $199.97. You can download it and begin using it within minutes. Your serial number will install on 5 computers, so you can sell or give your extra licenses away, if you like.

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Rife Pro X2 Computer Requirements

  • A PC, laptop or tablet running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10.
  • Headphones and speakers to connect to your sound card on the computer
  • 2 GIG RAM (4 GIG of RAM Recommended)
  • Minimum screen resolution 1200 x 768
  • Internet connection is required for one-time activation only.
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